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17 March 2016: Hi Jim,
I hope all is well with you. I have to apologize: the Politics and Water item got pulled off the monthly agendas a number of times. I was waiting for confirmation that it would go to the Environment Committee in March, but didn’t realize it was actually happening. It is actually on the agenda for today. I am sorry for not notifying you timely. Links to the Public Utilities updates and to the agenda are included below:
22 October 2015 UPDATE
Hi Jim,
As we had communicated before, the update for the Connections Housing accepted recommendations is still scheduled for 10/28/15 (next Wednesday). See item 6 on the attached agenda (first pdf file attached).
29 September 2015 UPDATE
Hi Jim,
Just a quick update…October 7 presentation for Politics and Water update does not work, and we are trying to verify that it can go the next month. The Connections Housing tentative for October 28 is still the best information we have.
Best, Lisa
6 September 2015 UPDATE
It looks like the 2015 SD Convention Center proposed responses will be heard on September 14. You can check the docket to make sure that doesn't change - the Council docket is normally posted by Wednesday afternoon before the next week's meetings.
For the 2015 downtown public restrooms report, the Council tentative date is September 22.
The follow-up for the 2014 report on Connections Housing is tentative for the October 28 Pubic Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee meeting. And depending on scheduling issues, we may be able to hear the follow-up regarding Politics and Water at the October 7 Environment Committee meeting.
Again, I want to stress that depending on scheduling issues, dates for items can change. I would think that the September 14 Council item will not change, and if the September 22 item changes, the most likely move would be to September 21. Will update you on the Committees as we get closer to October.
Best regards,



23 March 2015
17 September 2014: Initial indications are that the City of San Diego intends to process published San Diego County Grand Jury Reports through the Cities Committee Structure to the City Council. Please note the following reports regarding WATER: IBA Reports 14-31, and 14-31 Rev below

IBA Report 14-31 of September 5, 2014

Proposed Response to Grand Jury Report "Politics and Water Do Not Mix- the Dark Side" contains:
IBA Overview
Proposed City Response
Grand Jury Report

IBA Report 14-31 Rev of September 17, 2014

Proposed Response to Grand Jury Report "Politics and Water Do Not Mix- the Dark Side" contains:
Overview includes "On September 17, 2014 the IBA presented a proposed response to the Environmental Committee. The Environment Committee requested that additional comments in the City’s response to
Recommendation 14-77 be added, noting that significant increases in wholesale water costs would trigger analyses of the impacts those increases will have on the City’s water rates.
Noted in the Header of the Overview: "City Council Meeting Date: September 29, 2014", and "Item Number: TBD"
Rules Committee, October 25, 2006
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